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v1.59 Overview

Bet Angel Professional v1.59 contains the following new features and updates
In-Play Trader
·     In-play Trader now supports Markers where you can overlay extra custom indicators on to the selection’s row.
           ·     Markers can be placed on the x-axis by price or percentage (either entered directly or via Stored Value)
           ·     Marker styles can be bars, lines, circles, squares, or jockey silks. Sizes, colours and relative position to the centre line can be adjusted as required.
·     As with other screens, customisation will be saved to a named profile and the new in-play trader profile editor can be accessed via the Settings menu or by right clicking on the toolbar..
           ·     As well as defining markers, the profile also provides override options for the standard toolbar items. So you can quickly switch from one in-play style to another
           ·     Note: Some toolbar items have been moved into the Settings menu to save space.
·     Options to sort selections using Custom Rankings 1-5 passed from a rules file and to 'skip price gaps' when using custom ticks to set the betting price for a mouse click have have been added
Sound Alerts (via Bet Angel Settings)
·     New sound alerts for partial matching and complete matching of a bet
·     In-play / Suspended / Countdown / Bet Matched alerts now have options to monitor all trading screens and Guardian markets if you want to extend the alerts beyond the main trading screen
Market Overview Chart
·     New settings to support the plotting of a chosen History List rather than just the back / lay price
           ·     By using Automation to populate a History List you can now use the overview chart to give a view of your own custom indicator across the whole field.
           ·     Various new menu item options have been added to support the display of History Lists and to define a fixed y-axis scale if required.
Total Performance Data
·     TPD Information category has been added to the One-click custom columns and the Ladder’s Additional Information area
           ·   Allows some of the standard TPD information to be displayed on those screens without having to use Stored Values. Stored Values should still be used if you wish to calculate averages or derive your own complex indicators from TPD values
·     The TPD ratings Velocity Fluctuation, Velocity Error & Cadence Error have been added to the Stored Value list.
           ·     In each case the ratings are relative to the field as a whole and the lower the value the better for a runner. TPD recommend that the values should be used in the early and middle stages of the race (perhaps to lay a runner that has high ratings) rather than during the final sprint to the finish. Velocity Fluctuation measures the consistency of the velocity of the horse. Velocity Error (also known as ‘Off Par’) measures how well a horse a running to the par of the course. Cadence Error measures the regularity of the horse’s rhythm.
Win Status
·     The Win Status of a selection will be set by betfair as the market is closed and this can now be displayed on a one-click Custom Column, in the Ladder’s Additional Info area, on the Guardian markets list & in a Coupon (both as custom columns). It can also be sent to Excel and used in Automation.
·     The Win Status will also be appended to the Profit and Loss Report generated by Guardian on Market Closure
·     New 'Bet Angel' level of Stored Values – the named Stored Value will be shared across every market used in this instance of Bet Angel
·     Stored Value’ & ‘Stored Value Condition’ pages of the Automation Rules Editor: a 'Price of a selection' subcategory has been created to tidy-up the picklist and allow 2nd & 3rd best prices to be offered as price options
·     ‘A selection’s Win Status’ and ‘The market type’ have been added as value types for the Store a value as text page.
·     Two new conditions in the Automation Rules Editor;
           ·     ‘Market Type’ – used to test the type of market running the rules (WIN, MATCH_ODDS, OVER_UNDER_xx etc)
           ·     ‘Market Status’ – used to test if the market is open, suspended or closed. Note the new tick box below!
·     A new tick box has been added to the General page of the Automation Rules Editor: ‘Allow trigger when market suspended’ – normally automation rules do not trigger when the market is suspended or when the market is closed (settled), but now that you can use the Win Status of a selection with Stored values and have the Market Status condition, this is a necessary addition.
·     The 'Switch to This Market' rule type has been renamed as 'Display a Market on a Trading screen' with many new Parameters to display market (or another market type from the same Event from Guardian) in a specific window. Also includes options to start a Servant on the new window, move the mouse cursor into the window and trigger a keyboard shortcut at that location.
·     A new setting ‘Bet Placement - In-play Delay Countdown’ on the Unmatched Bets page of Ladder Settings allows the placing bet countdown to be shown directly on the ladder when an in-play delay is active
·     A new 'Mouse cursor mode for bet placement' picklist has been added to the General page of Ladder Settings – it optionally allows the mouse to change price cells between down & up clicks during bet placement
·     ’Suspended Indicator’ and 'Jockey Silk' have now been added to the preset items in the Ladder’s Additional Information area settings.
 Note: Although 'suspended is displayed as text, the item has a value of 1 when suspended so that Value Based Colouring can be used
Other Changes
·     Saddle cloth colours added as silks for Greyhounds and US Racing
·     Support for coupled saddle cloth numbers in US Racing (1A, 2B etc), also works with TPD so that each runner is paired with the correct race data
·     GBP minimum currency limit reduced to £1, so that the multi-step bet placement process won’t need to occur for stakes between £1 & £2
·     Suspended indicator on One-click & Ladder screens now show ‘Closed’ text when the market is closed and settled
·     Additional optimisations applied to Guardian to reduce CPU usage when holding hundreds of markets
·     In the Guardian Markets List custom columns and the Coupon custom columns editors, the sort to be used when choosing a selection 'by position' is now an option. This means the display isn’t forced to be using the same sort as used by Automation
·     Spawned One-click and Ladder screens are now numbered in the title bar to help keep track of which window is which
·     The colour of the Bet Placement indicator can be changed on the Display settings page