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v1.53 Overview

Bet Angel Professional v1.53 contains the following new features and updates
Quick Bet tickets – launch directly from Market Selection, Guardian or Watch List to quickly place a single bet (or green-up) without opening the full market
Unmatched Bets window – spawn extra windows to help manage your bets – can sync to the market under the mouse if required
Drag and Drop support to reuse Ladder/One-click/Quick Bet screens already placed on the screen or to switch the main screen’s market.
Extra options for the Event Filtering Picklist in the Watch List – makes it more context sensitive, allowing the list to dynamically filter as the mouse moves. E.g. showing related markets to the selected soccer match.
A new Automation rule type to Checkpoint VWAP
An update to the Soccer Mystic model to handle the recent liquidity shift in betfair’s goals markets
A few small changes based on customer requests
Quick Bet tickets
The concept of a Quick Bet ticket is that it's a small window that’s quick to launch that contains the essentials for placing and managing a single bet on any market/selection.  Once placed, the bet will be tracked and if it is unmatched, the bet can be adjusted from the same window.  When launched from a screen containing a price (e.g. Watch List or Guardian odds pane), the price of the bet and the back/lay type will be pre-filled in the ticket. 
Note: Global settings & Servants do not apply to a Quick Bet ticket, but you can spawn the market in full via the toolbar if required.
Some options to configure the Quick Bet ticket have been added to the Behaviour tab of Bet Angel Settings
Unmatched Bets window
The unmatched bets window from the main screen has been replicated in a spawned unmatched bets window so that you can manage bets in any market without switching the main screen.  You can launch this tool from: the Watch List, the Market Selection trees, Guardian’s market list, Quick Bet tickets and via a new keystroke.
Drag and Drop
For many years Guardian has been able to accept markets dragged on to it from market selection, but we’ve now significantly increased the support for Drag & Drop.  Pick any market from a market selection tree, from Guardian’s market list or from a Watch List and drop them on any of the trading screens to switch to that market.  In the case of spawned tools such as ladder, one-click or quick bet windows, then dropping on a market will reuse that screen with the new market – much easier than having to close the window and respawn it.  From Guardian’s Odds pane or the Watch List, drag from the selection’s name and drop it on to a ladder column to switch to the market and change the ladder to that specific selection.
If you drop a market onto the toolbar buttons for Tennis Trader, Soccer Mystic, Market Overview or In-play Trader, then that tool will be launched as part of the market switch.
If you don’t wish to use Drag & Drop, it can be disabled via the Bet Angel Settings (Behaviour tab).
Watch Lists’ Event Filtering Picklist
The filtering picklist at the top of the Watch List now contains the following options:
Show only the event selected in Guardian
Show only the event that is on the main trading screen
Show only the event under the mouse cursor
Show only the market selected in Guardian
Show only the market that is on the main trading screen
Show only the market under the mouse cursor
We envisage that these will be used to have a dynamic Watch List alongside your normal trading (or alongside other Watch Lists). 
Automation Rules Editor changes
The new 'Tennis Completed Set Score' Automation Condition has been added to allow you to test how many games one of the completed sets has been won or lost by.
Following customer requests, a new Automation Rule Type to 'Checkpoint VWAP' has been added – when triggered all VWAP calculations will be reset and will be re-calculated using new volume at prices from this point onwards.
Keyboard Shortcuts
Up / Down arrows have now been added to the keyboard shortcuts editor, not only for the cosmetic reason of keeping your shortcuts organised, but also to control the order of processing when multiple actions have been assigned to the same keystroke.  In that situation, they are processed from the top of the list downwards.
The following new keyboard shortcuts have all been added to the keyboard shortcuts editor:
Select All' and ‘Press Add’ on the ‘Select’ & ‘Search’ pages of Guardian.  When combined its now possible to assign a key to search, select and add all found markets to Guardian with a single keypress.
Display a new Quick Bet ticket
Display a new Unmatched Bets window
Other Enhancements
Betfair charts & Advanced charts now remember which screen launched them, so when syncing by 'Market' or 'Ladder x', the chart will correctly switch markets when the launch screen is given a new market.  i.e. These windows have always synced properly with the main trading screen, but now a chart can be linked to a spawned one-click/ladder and update with whatever market is assigned to them.  Particularly useful with the drag & drop screen reuse changes.
A ‘Starting Price’ option has been added to the Guardian Automation Favouritism Sort ( in the Automation area of Bet Angel Settings )
VWAP has been added as a Preset Additional Information item for the Ladder & One-click custom columns. Selections First name has also been added to these sections.