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v1.58 Overview

Bet Angel Professional v1.58 contains the following new features and updates
Total Performance Data (TPD)
Bet Angel can now use Total Performance Data as a source of Live GPS for horse racing*
·     A new Total Performance Data page has been added to the Bet Angel Settings area to show the current state of your TPD connection (and allows entry of your TPD subscription Key)
·     Total Performance Data information for the market/selection is available in Automation Stored Values for use throughout Bet Angel
·     The Total Performance Data condition will allow Automation to test if TPD is supported at race course, if stride and speed par data is available in a race and if the live race information itself has recently been updated.
·     Bet Angel can be configured to auto-connect a race to TPD a certain number of seconds before the race, but there are also options to connect manually via the settings editor itself, via a new keyboard                   shortcut added to the Keyboard Short Cut Editor, and via a new Automation rule type (which could be triggered by a Servant if required).

New Features

·     New 'Race Distance' options have been added to Stored Values, (these are derived from betfair's market name) and can be set in furlongs or metres
·     New 'Total Performance Data' options for the market and selections have also been added to Stored Values and the Stored Value Condition
·     A new 'Total Performance Data' Condition has been added to the conditions area
·     A new Rule Type to 'Connect to Total Performance Data' has been added to the rules editor in Advanced Automation
Race Progress Meter
A new Race Progress Meter can be shown above the One-click, Manual bet, Ladder, and In-play Trader screens, a Race Meter settings page has been added to the Bet Angel Settings area to configure the race meter.
There are three options available when populating the meter:
     1. Progress of the leading horse using the TPD GPS data
     2. Time the race has been in-play compared to an expected race duration that you provide as a Shared Stored Value
     3. Time the race has been in-play compared to Bet Angel's estimate of the total race duration
*For more information on how Total Performance Data has been integrated with Bet Angel and the ways it can help with your in-running trading please see this blog