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v1.52 Overview

Bet Angel Professional v1.52 contains the following new features and updates
    Customisable Market Filtering
    Coupons (combining market filtering with an enhanced Watch List to create a customised view of multiple markets)
    Support for stakes/traded amounts in Automations stored values
    Extra Keyboard Shortcuts to make your daily setup quicker and easier
    Some targeted changes to improve product usability
Full detail of the features:
Market Filtering:
The main Market Selection window and the Guardian Market Selection window now support highly customisable market search filters, with example filters already included to select from in the new pick lists on those screens.
By clicking the filter icon in those pages you can launch the new Market Filter Editor where you can create your own customized market filters
The editor allows you to define one or more Filter Sets; the market tree to be displayed will be built from the aggregated results of those sets. Each set supports filtering by: Market Start Time, Event Type, Text matching (supporting AND OR NOT), Country code of the Event, Market Types (dynamically downloaded from betfair), Traded Volume at the Market or the Event level, In-play status, and whether the market will turn In-play or not. The ‘Preview’ page shows the results of your current filtering criteria before you save it to a named profile. That named profile will then be available in the filter picklists throughout Bet Angel.
The default is to apply the filters to betfair’s full market tree, but you can create your own tree design if you wish by using the ‘Display’ page of the editor. You can specify three levels of grouping, various sorting options and have the ability to supplement the market name with various prefix/suffix options.
It's best seen in action, so open Bet Angel and work through the examples in the filter picklists to understand the capabilities.
Coupons combine the Market Filtering with enhancements of the Watch Lists to allow you to easily select a group of markets that you wish to trade, add them to Guardian, and display them in a Watch List in your preferred format. Once defined your coupon can be used again and again to quickly setup a day’s trading. They are perfect for multi-market trading and are especially useful for Soccer traders that need to monitor multiple matches (and their various markets) concurrently, leaping on opportunities as they arise.
These enhancements to Watch Lists can be used in isolation, but have contributed to the overall Coupon design:
In a similar way to the new Market Filters, example Coupons are available in a picklist (in the Watch List menu or on the new Coupon page of Guardian). The Coupon Editor can be launched to modify those examples or create your own Coupons from scratch.
In the Coupon Editor, the ‘Filter’ page is the same as used by the Market Filter editor and allows you to specify Filter Sets to zone in on the markets that you wish to add to the Coupon.
The ‘Panel’ page allows you to add as many vertical display panels as you wish; they’ll be displayed side-by-side in a Watch List. Each one can be customised to control which columns are displayed, the sort used and whether to restrict the panel to only showing specific market types. Each vertical panel has its own scroll bar, but if required the scroll bar usage can be linked together so that having scrolled one panel, the rest will realign to match. That feature is useful if you are grouping the markets on the Watch List by the Event. e.g. Showing a football match across multiple panels or perhaps showing Place markets for horse races alongside their Win Only counterparts.
The ‘Settings’ page controls: how markets will be grouped together, if the scrolling should be linked, whether to show the Event picklist, refresh options, how frequently the coupon filter should be reapplied to the Watch List’s markets, and how the results of the filters should be displayed in Guardian.
In Guardian you’ll find the new ‘Coupon’ page on the left sidebar. In its simplest form, you use it to select a named Coupon and with a single click: run its filter against the current betfair markets, replace Guardian’s markets with the results, and apply them all to a Watch List showing them in the Coupon’s panel layout. If you wish, you can be more selective in this page and choose just some of the markets found, appending them to markets already loaded into Guardian. A Watch List can, as before, Synchronise with the entire list of markets in Guardian or can just be given a subset. We realise that there are a lot of options and configuration points in this version that might be a bit daunting at first, but we’ve tried to cater for every style rather than prescribing a specific type of usage.
Automation Rules Editor changes:
On the Parameters page, bets can now be staked using an amount held in a Stored Value
On the Stored Values page, more price options are available to now store the SP, Projected SP, High & Low traded prices. Also you can now  store monetary values rather than just prices; this includes storing your Balance, the Net Stake, or the stake used when starting a Servant.
The main addition to Stored Values is they can now look up and store the money available to back/lay at a price or the volume traded at a price. The price to be used can be an entered value, one of the best three markets prices, or can itself be defined by another Stored Value.
All of these options have also been added to the ‘Stored Value condition’ for use when deciding whether to trigger a rule or not.
Keyboard Shortcuts:
New keystrokes have been added to the keyboard shortcut editor to do the following:
Other changes:
Import & Export options have been added to the Ladder Settings editor, making it easy to upload your favourite ladder layouts to this community to share with others.
The Quick Picks page in Guardian renamed as ‘Racing’
The title of Guardian’s ‘Odds’ pane now shows the number of selections in the market.
The ‘Market’ column header in Guardian’s list of markets, now shows the number of Markets in total in the list. This is useful when streaming as Betfair enforce a limit of subscribing to a maximum of 1000 markets on the stream.
New options have been added to the Behaviour tab of Bet Angel Settings to allow the chosen filter/coupon/search criteria to be saved with the settings profile.
The ‘Background market prices’ refresh rate has been updated in the Communications area to include refresh rates as fast as the foreground rate