How to WIN - whatever the result.

Bookies vs Betfair
Traditional bookies have the edge..

You are probably familiar with bookmakers. Even if you are not you'll know they are in business because they have the advantage. Not any more. When the first betting exchange opened the advantage turned towards the online punter and for the first time people could back AND lay the outcome of an event!

In a short time, competition between backers and layers reduced the edge to virtually zero. This means betting on sports has never been fairer or more transparent. Users of the exchange soon realised that advanced techniques could be applied - similar to trading on the stock market - and sports trading was born.

Bookies vs Betfair
Win - Whatever the result.
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Trading is considered to be the ‘holy grail’ of modern sports markets and rather than just backing and laying, you significantly increase your chance of profiting. By trading you can win whatever the result of a sport and even before the event has started!

Bet Angel was born out of the need to make the most of this opportunity and has been a true pioneer in the industry. It was developed by and for professional traders who continue to contribute to the development of the software.

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Listen to extracts of Peter Webb on Radio Berkshire

Peter discusses trading with Henry Kelly & Gary Wiltshire.

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Experimentation can be a lengthy and costly exercise, fortunately help is at hand.

BettingexchangeacademyIf you would like first hand knowledge from experienced traders to get you off to the best possible start, then look no further than the academy. The academy has a range of courses hosted by proven traders who also have the skills and experience to impart detailed information and advice on the markets. It is the longest establish provider of quality information for the exchange trading user. If you want to learn what does and doesn't work and why, click on the academy link to learn more.


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