Ten Reasons to Buy Bet Angel Professional


1 - Industry Leading Software

From the day it was created Bet Angel has been a true pioneer in the market. An un-paralleled number of firsts makes Bet Angel the software that all others are judged against. Even Betfair have gone on to adopt key features like keep bets and fill or kill orders which first appeared on Bet Angel! We have been the driving force behind a huge number of innovations that continues to drive the industry forward with new ideas and knowledge based products, all geared to giving you an edge. Be the first to benefit from future innovations by signing up to Bet Angel.


2 - Used by the world's best exchange traders

Join the worlds biggest users of betting exchanges who use Bet Angel as their preferred tool. Turning over billions a year these traders rely and trust Bet Angel to deliver the performance and tools they need to outcompete their market rivals. Bet Angel users now account for a dominant share of traded volumes on key markets.


3 - Safe and secure

When it comes to your security online you need to be in safe hands. Bet Angel is the most well established vendor in the market as well as being the only vendor with a physical presence, giving you clear peace of mind. On top of being approved API developers, we have retained the same development team since day one, delivering not only excellent product management but a safe and stable environment for our users. An unblemished security record and full compliance with data protection requirements adds additional integrity and security to your exchange experience.


4 - Advanced Engineering

With an experienced full time development team we are devoted to not to just introducing new features but delivering ground breaking performance. Constantly examining new ways to interact with the exchanges, Bet Angel leads the way in forward thinking innovative technology designed to enhance your interaction with the exchanges. Specialist features like advanced multi market, multithreading, connection modes and connection mode tuners ensure you enjoy the best order routing to the exchange.


5 - Extensive support, Video Tutorials and Examples

As well as a 100 page user guide, knowledge base and a dedicated support team, Bet Angel regularly publishes videos of Bet Angel in action. Use the user guide and videos as tutorials or to see Bet Angel in action before you buy. Our dedicated support team is made up of people who use Bet Angel Professional every day. They know the software inside out. Their passion about trading on the exchanges ensure first class advice to help get you up and running as quickly as possible.


6 - Feature rich

Are you encouraging underperformance by adopting a limited range of strategies? No one strategy fits all markets so Bet Angel offers a range of advanced features that allow you to interact with the market in a number of different ways. Grid, ladder, dutching, charting, bookmaking, automation and Excel integration give you an unlimited range of exciting possibilities.


7 - Advanced charting

Don't just guess where prices are heading, see them. Bet Angel was the first software to bring charting with technical indicators to the sports markets. With Bet Angel's advanced charting you now also have the ability to custom create your own charts, re-size and re-dock them around the screen and switch between views with the click of a mouse.


8 - Excel Interface

If you wish to write your own set of unique triggers you can with Bet Angel Professional. If you have ever thought that you wish you could automate your strategy then the Excel link with Bet Angel will allow you to do just that. With the ability to use an Excel spreadsheet to submit bets directly into the exchange with a wide array of built-in instructions including backing, laying, with offsetting and greening, stop loss and more.


9 - Multi screen, Multi market trading

Increase your productivity exponentially with multi market trading. Bet Angel's unique guardian feature allows you do trade or monitor multiple markets at the same time as you are trading your primary market. Set up an automated trade and carrying on trading else where knowing that Bet Angel is looking after your other trades. Undock, resize and pin various elements to give you maximum flexibility to set up your trading screen however you wish.


10 - True pay as you go pricing model

From 24 hour to yearly access options you will find a package to suit your budget. The subscription will not automatically renew - so no nasty surprises at the end of your purchased access period. You decide if you wish to renew. Our fully automated orders systems means you can buy new access and register when you are ready to use it.



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