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A VPS or virtual server is a remote machine that you have exclusive access to via over internet. It is dedicated to you and you can run Bet Angel remotely on your server from any internet enabled device.

Soccer Mystic - VPS

Soccer Mystic is the first ever application designed specifically for Betfair soccer markets. It has been created specifically for these markets in order to give you the best chance of profiting from one of the fastest growing markets on betting exchanges. If you bet or trade on soccer getting an edge in the market is critical, soccer mystic is the tool that will deliver an edge; soccer mystic is your unfair advantage!

Tennis Trader - VPS

Traders have always wanted to know, “Where are the odds going and how much risk am I taking?” Now, thanks to Tennis Trader, you can have all the answers in real time right in front of you on your trading desk. No longer do you need to guess where the odds are going, Tennis Trader will tell you!

Excel Integration - VPS

If you have Microsoft Excel installed on your computer then get ready for taking Bet Angel to the next level. Link any market to your Excel spreadsheet and using a combination of Excel functions and Bet Angel instructions you will soon be able to write any number of powerful triggers to automate your trading or betting.

Guardian - VPS

Bet Angel has a comprehensive multiple market management tool - Guardian - that can help organise, manage and keep track of bets across many markets at the same time. In addition to being able to select your chosen markets and keep in one place for quick reference, Bet Angel can manage any stop loss or offsetting rules you may have applied to unmatched bets in these markets.

Try Now - VPS

Try Bet Angel for a month for only £15 or FREE for seven days. A trial of the popular Bet Angel VPS solution is also available.



*Terms and conditions of trial period : Offer is limited to only one trial per person / per Betfair account and subject to availability and non concurrent trials. We reserve the right to refuse a trial period. Limited offer only.

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