Bet Angel Review

The Best Betfair trading software, Packed full of cutting-edge features

Bet Angel offers lots of different versions, including a FREE one specifically for Betdaq. And don’t worry – even the paid versions won’t break the bank.


For beginners, we recommend checking out Bet Angel Trader, which is only £6 per month! Once you’ve got the hang of things and are ready to take your trading to the next level, you can upgrade to the Professional edition.

Bet Angel Professional is amazing Betfair trading software designed to help people like you make money on Betfair by using advanced betting and Betfair trading strategies. Unlike other tools, Bet Angel Professional has many unique features that can give you an advantage over your competition.


With Bet Angel, you can trade manually, semi-automatically or create a fully automated Betfair trading or betting bot. Your only limit is your imagination!

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  1. Practice / Training mode  – Learn all features of Bet Angel simultaneously, without any risk to your money.
  2. Screen profiles – Set up multiple screens & views, switch quickly and easily with a mouse click.
  3. Fully customisable settings – Customise most aspects of how Bet Angel looks or behaves to suit your trading style or needs.
  4. Import and export – All settings, charts, customisations etc can easily be shared or backed-up
  5. Streaming prices – Refresh your market information at the highest possible speed using the latest Betfair API technology
  6. Advanced market searching – Quickly, easily find all the markets you want using custom filters. Use logical commands and import filters.
  7. Guardian – Multi-market Management  – Very powerful, true multi-market trading tool with many features. A peice of software on it’s own
  8. Watch lists  – Quickly and easily organise and view data from key markets you are interested in. Switch instantly to a market with one click.
  9. Custom coupons – Create your own unique view of your core markets and their secondary markets in one neat, easy to use display.
  10. One-click trading screen – Fully customisable quick betting and trading grid displaying odds horizontally. Fully design your own layout.
  11. Custom columns – Create your own one-click button to trigger a pre-set trade, some automation or a servant.
  12. Global settings tool and editor – Semi automate your trading by letting the global settings take care of key elements of your trade.
  13. Ladder trading screen – Completely customisable trading screen displaying odds vertically. Spawn multiple ladders, easy to use and very flexible.
  14. Advanced Charting – Highly flexible and customisable charting tool. Create, save and view your unique view of the market.
  15. Keyboard & gaming device shortcut editor – Speed up all your key trading functions and get your trades into the market before anybody else.
  16. Advanced Automation – Bet or trade fully automatically with this very powerful tool. Works alone or in conjunction with all other features.
  17. Bet Angel Alerts – Scan the markets for key trading set-ups and opportunities, automatically.
  18. Servants – Harness the powerful combination of fully automated trading, controlled manually, with this very powerful and flexible feature.
  19. Manual bet screen – Want to tweak something? Use the manual bet or quick bet tool to do it, or completely redesign for another purpose.
  20. Quick bet tool – See an opportunity and need to act quickly? do so with the quick bet tool.
  21. Dutching – Back more than one selection for a pre-defined profit or stake and get a guaranteed return if one of your selection wins
  22. Bookmaking – Only bookmakers win? Why not be one with this tool that can offer prices on all or part of the field
  23. Excel spreadsheet interface – The sky is the limit when you connect Bet Angel to a spreadsheet. View, analyse bet or trade from a spreadsheet.
  24. Excel and Advanced automation linking – You can now link your advanced automation and Excel with this handy feature
  25. In-play trader – Very intuitive way to trade in-play markets. Using a point and click interface use a single click to nip in ahead of the action.
  26. Market overview – Get a quick but really deep overview of everything that is going on in the market on one screen.
  27. Soccer Mystic – Unique profiling tool for football trading. Examine how the odds will move on a match before the match has started.
  28. Tennis trader  – Unique profiling tool for Tennis. See live score and examine how the odds will move on a match before the match has started.
  29. Live racecourse data – See and measure where all the racehorses are on coure and how they are running with this amazing feature

Bet Angel is more than just Betfair trading software

Bet Angel provides a one-stop-shop for your Betfair trading and betting needs. Whatever your level, Bet Angel has got you covered.


The Bet Angel forum is a great place to connect with other traders, share ideas, and learn new tips and tricks to improve your trading skills. It’s the busiest Betfair trading community on the market. What’s more, the Bet Angel Academy offers a variety of educational content, from video tutorials to helpful articles and webinars, so that you can stay up-to-date on the latest strategies and techniques.


And, with hundreds of free templates available on the forum, you can customise your trading style to match your unique preferences. But that’s not all – Bet Angel also offers a fantastic YouTube channel, full of informative videos that can help you take your trading to the next level. Bet Angel’s history also sets it apart from the rest, having been designed in the early days of Betfair, before Betfair even had an API.


Overall, Bet Angel is more than just a trading platform; it’s an entire ecosystem that makes Betfair trading and betting easy, effective, and enjoyable.